Determinatives / Determinativ

Determinatives is a class of words that includes possessives, demonstratives, quantity words, and other words that emphasize another determinative (for example: my own).   We will start with possessives.

3.1 Possessives Intro

Introduction to Possessives /Possessiver.

Possessives express belonging or relationship.


Our house is a very very very fine house.
This land is our land, this land is your land …

Norwegian possessives, except those ending in -s, must agree in number and gender with the noun possessed.

The possessive is usually placed after the noun, which is in the definite form.




Det er boka mi.
That is my book.
Det er bordet ditt.
That is your table.
Det er hatten min.
That is my hat.
Det er er hattene dine.
Those are your hats.