2.11 Time:  Frequency
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The sentence adverbs below describe how frequently actions occur.  These adverbs usually occur directly after the verb in the sentence.  If there are two parts to the verb, these adverbs come between them.



Verb + Adverb

Verb + Adverb + Verb

alltid (always) Han snakker alltid(He talks always.) Han har alltid bodd der.  (He has always lived there.)
ofte (often) Hun reiser ofte(She travels often.) Han har ofte gjort det. (He has often done that.)
sjelden (seldom) Han jogger sjelden. (He seldom jogs.) Han har sjelden gått på ski. (He has seldom gone skiing.)
ikke (not) Han arbeider ikke(He doesn’t work.) Han vil ikke reise(He doesn’t want to travel.)
aldri (never) Han leser aldri(He never studies.) Han kan aldri komme hit. (He can never come here.)

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