9.23 Indirect Questions

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The subjunction “om” (whether) and all the interrogatives (hvem, hva, hvorfor, når, hvor) are used to ask indirect questions.  Usually these subjunctions come in the middle of the sentence followed by the dependent clause, so there is normal subject-verb word order.


Direct Questions

Indirect questions

Blir det varmt i dag?
(Will it be warm today?)
Hun spør om det blir varmt i dag.
(She asks whether it will be warm today)
Vil du spise nå?
(Do you want to eat now?)
Han spør om du vil spise nå.
(He asks whether you want to eat now.)
Hva studerer du?
(What are you studying?)
Jeg spør hva du studerer.
(I ask what you are studying.)
Hvor bor du?
(Where do you live?)
Jeg spør hvor du bor.
(I ask where you live.)

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