9.5 Inverted Word Order after Adverbials
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In Norwegian, declarative sentences can have normal word order, with the subject in first position and the verb in second position.  However, it is also common for such sentences to have inverted word order, with an adverbial in first position, the verb in second position, and the subject in third position.  We place adverbials first in the sentence to give them emphasis and to vary our writing style.

Normal:  Jeg spiller golf .
I play golf now.
Inverted: spiller jeg golf.
Now I play golf.


If there are two parts to the verb, only the first part comes before the subject.





Rest of Sentence

snakker jeg i telefonen.
Om sommeren drar jeg på campingtur.
I Norge skal jeg snakke norsk.
Her kan jeg  spille tennis.

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