8.12 Past Tense (Preterite)
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Past tense verbs are usually used to describe actions that occurred at a specific time in the past or habitual actions in the past.  However, past tense can also express current feelings or opinions, hypothetical statements, and wishes.


Use of Past Tense


Actions which occurred at a specific time in the past. Jeg studerte i Norge i 2012.
(I studied in Norway in 2012.)
Repeated actions in the past Jeg reiste til Norge hver sommer da jeg var liten.
(I went to Norway every summer when I was little.)
Comments on current feelings or opinions Dette var deilig mat! / Det var en god idé!
(This is delicious food!/That is a good idea!)
Hypothetical statements Hvis jeg var deg, ville jeg dra hjem.
(If I were you, I would go home.)
Strong wishes Hvis jeg vant lotteriet, ville jeg reise mye.
(If I won the lottery, I would travel a lot.)

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